Save the date! 

Mark your calendar's folks!  Vikki and I are VERY excited to announce that we will both be playing The Hotel Cafe with our friends Ings from my hometown, Springfield, MO.  We are working hard to make this a very special evening; Vikki (Kinfolk) will be releasing her debut EP, Gift of Men, and I'll be adding a few new members to the band.  Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars!Read more

Playing Shows. 

I recently read an article (a phrase I say about 10 times a day now, thanks to Facebook) called "7 Reasons Why No One's Coming To Your Show" and I've certainly been thinking a lot about it.  Since "playing as many shows as I can" is one of my goals this year, it's important that I get as much out of each show as possible.  

One of the tips I found most interesting was "You Play Too Damn Often."  Now, I've known this from the start, but this particular writer suggests you play only once every 6-8 weeks…Read more

Here's 2014! 

My dearest friends, boy how time flies!  I've gotten quite a bit accomplished in the last few months, although you wouldn't know it by looking at my website!  The 14 songs for Wester are at various stages in the recording process, and some of them are nearly finished.  
I took the month of December off so I could focus (no pun intended) on the holidays. My Darling Vikki bought me THE MOST AMAZING book for Christmas called How Music Works:

And after the new year, my mother visited us here in Los Angeles for…Read more

Sessions From the Box 

During my visit to Portland in July, I recorded a few new songs from Wester live in session for the Portland-based podcast, Sessions From the Box, and talked with James about my experiences in Los Angeles.  Won't you take a moment and give it a listen?
Also, those of you who live in Portland can listen to show as it's broadcast on KZME 107.1 Thursday at 5PM!


Read more

Finally, a lengthy, detailed post about Wester. 

In case you haven't heard, last weekend, I finished writing Wester!

In light of being done with the writing portion of this endeavor, I figure I better fill you all in on my plans for the release.
First off, Wester will be a 14 track album that I will begin recording in my home studio (and with the help of some friends) on October 1st with every intention of finishing by November 1st.  You know how everything takes longer than I think it will (especially in Los Angeles!), but November 1st is my goal.  At…Read more


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